The holidays are just around the corner.  Is the idea of decorating your second home here in Santa Rosa Beach in addition to your primary home too much to handle?  Coastal Concierge has some decorating ideas to simplify and focus your holiday decorating.

1. Keep it Simple.  Choose two or three colors for your holiday palette.  Too many colors are distracting.  For a home in the 30A area, I would suggest mimicking the decor in your home that typically reflects the outdoor surroundings.  Think silver and blue or gold and brown.

2. Light it up.  Stick with white lights to keep the color palette simple.  Plus it can be more cost effective if you want to change your colors down the road.

3. Mix the old with the new.  You can find inexpensive solid color balls and mix them with higher end vintage decorations for a really unique look.

4. Use lots of candles.  Not only do they soften the room but scented can optimize the holiday feel.  They are also a great way to extend the holiday celebration into bedrooms and bathrooms.

5. Bring the outside in.  Use the extra greenery cut away from the bottom of your Christmas tree.  Pine cones are an easy festive addition.  Add sand from our beautiful Emerald Coast beaches to anchor a candle in a jar.

6. Add Sparkle.  Decorate pine cones with glitter.  A great way to involve the kids!  Place candles on mirrors as part of your centerpiece.

7. Look to the pantry. Glue cinnamon sticks together to make frames where you can display past family holiday photos.  Finally nothing says the holidays like a homemade gingerbread house, another great project for the whole family.

8. Branch out.  Find fallen branches and arrange them in a jar filled with sand or pebbles.  Use the branches to display your favorite ornaments.

9. Dear Santa. Have a chalkboard in your kitchen?  Have the kids write their Dear Santa letter to be displayed to all your guests.  If you don’t have a chalkboard, you can buy chalkboard paint to create the same effect on a regular wooden board.

10. Express Yourself.  Most importantly have fun with your decor and express your personality and individuality and whatever design you choose will represent you and your family as it is meant to be.

Have a safe and Happy Holidays!