Traveling to Santa Rosa Beach, Seaside, Rosemary Beach, or anywhere else on Scenic Highway 30-A? Here are a few travel tips around the Holidays to ease the pain of traveling during such a busy time…

1. Plan Ahead-Do you have a favorite restaurant you want to visit while you are in town?  Call and make reservations before you arrive to make sure they will be able to fit you in.  If you are staying in a new place, but know there are several hotspots you want to visit mapquest their location before you go so you can arrive at your destination faster and with less added confusion.

2. Make a Packing Checklist-You can create a standard list and save it to your computer and then you can enhance it to make it specific to your trip.  You definitely don’t want to leave Grandma’s Christmas present behind!

3. When Traveling by Plane-Don’t pre-wrap your Christmas presents.  Although it seems like this would be a time saver in the end, it won’t be when you are held up by security unwrapping them all and possibly even missing your flight.  Also pack smaller items in clear plastic bags that way when your bag is checked loose items won’t get lost.

4. Looking for a deal-If you are using travel websites like Travelocity or Orbitz and you revisit the site and the price has gone up, go to Internet Options and delete your cookies.  This clears your search history from previous visits.  Then you should be able to get close to if not your original quote.

5. Need a Hotel-Not looking forward to sharing a bunk bed with Cousin Eddy?  A great place to search for accommodations is a local website like,, or  There you can see what locals and previous visitors recommend rather than what might be available on a mass marketed site.

6. Be Polite!-This sounds really simple, but traveling around the holidays is stressful for the traveler as well as the employees assisting your travel.  More people are traveling around the holidays which means more problems can occur so pack your patience and your empathy.  If you acknowledge they are working around the holidays and not with their own family or friends, or even a simple thank you might get you off a waiting list or even an upgrade!

Coastal Concierge wishes all its previous, present, and future clientele a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!